Staff of Shanti villa.

The staff

The carefully selected staff of Villa Asmara is friendly and discreet. They do everything to make your stay unforgettable and to enjoy your holiday. Many of our staff have been working with us for a long time and they ensure that the guests of Villa Shanti feel right at home. They will take care of the housework and prepare your meals. They maintain the tropical garden and pool.

They offer you the luxury and service as in the best hotels in the privacy of your Villa Shanti.

The lady's of the house

Komang and Italy, two ladies who have long been employed in Villa Shanti. They do the housework, washing and prepare according your wish breakfast, lunch and dinner. Komang often slightly shy and Ita spontaneous and frank.

Besides being a great cook, they can be of help to arrange various excursions in the area of Lovina or in other parts of Bali. Learn from Ketut Indonesian cooking and go with her to the 'pasar'. Behold the tropical fruit that is piled high next to the vegetables and spices, which are indispensable to the specific flavor and color of Balinese cuisine. Walk with her through the various stalls and taste the exotic fruits or walk with her through the garden for fresh lemon grass.

Komang and Ita, delicious meals and a wonderful couple we are very proud of.

The silent forces in the garden

Ketut and Putu, the silent forces of the tropical garden. As gardeners, they take care with great love, tropical plants, exotic flowers, fruit trees and ponds with fish at Villa Shanti. They maintain the pool and several terraces. Six days a week, these men are present, but usually they keep themselves hidden between the different flowers and plants. Ketut and Putu are not big talkers, but they ensure that the garden remains as a paradise. They can pick up if desired a fresh coconut from the tree.

The men of the night

The security of Shanti Villa consists of 2 men who alternate in the night.

They watch over your sleep and provide assistance in the evening. They keep discreetly aloof and appear only when they are needed.

These men of the night you will also see even in daylight at Sunday , when they lend a hand in the garden of Villa Shanti and at the beach in front of the villa.

Additional reinforcements

Besides driving the Toyota Jeep Nyomang is the man who can help with internet, DVD player, TV, wifi and all other technical questions about Villa Shanti.

He can help with the groceries, he knows the way, is always helpful and will work together with all staff members to ensure you a memorable stay at Villa Shanti. Nyomang is also the man who creates the light, should it be dark in Bali, using the generator of Villa Shanti. If the staff can't help you, or if you have other questions, we are also reachable in Bali.

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